Hello world UPDATED!

So … whew. Another blog started but this one has a definite focus. This is me and my attempt to stay on course with my fitness and health. So far, this year’s new year’s resolution to get fit and stay healthy has lasted an extraordinary 4 months but there is always a temptation to fall off the wagon.

A bit about me:

I’m 27 and a newly transplanted Canadian. I moved from Australia in October 2007 and arrived in time for a brutal winter and an inability to walk everywhere – something I was used to in Australia. I knew that if I couldn’t walk everywhere, I needed to get something to replace it so I joined a gym and got myself a personal trainer (aka Joe the Devil) and miracles upon miracles, I’ve stayed the course. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been but I have a way to go and I am determined not to fall off the fitness wagon.

I thought it was time to update this a bit, since it’s been a while and a lot has happened in the last almost-2-years. I’ve recently gotten engaged to a wonderful, amazing man (at least I think so) who happens to live in New Zealand of all places. So I’m upping and moving back to that side of the world, despite all my efforts to stay here permanently because, well, living alone here pales in comparison to living with my future hubbie in whatever country really.

So the blog has changed focus a bit. I’m still on the fitness wagon, albeit being dragged slightly since wedding plans and moving plans and changing life plans are getting in the way. I may seem a little rambly and ranty at times but bear with me and join me for the fun ride that will be my life for a while!


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