Emotions eating me up

It’s easy to stay on course when things are going your way. There’s plenty of time to exercise and eat right. But when your emotions take a beating, things aren’t so easy.

Case in point: I broke up with my boyfriend last night. It sucks, but it had to happen. This morning: no appetite for a healthy brekkie. Instead, had a handful of chocolate drizzled ricecakes (only 90 calories) and a big double chocolate chip muffin at work. I do, however, have a cup of green tea to wash it down. Ugh. I know that my usual eggs or fruit and cottage cheese is a much healthier way to start the day, but I really needed the seretonin boost.

I suppose the question that remains is does chocolate really improve mood or is it a psychological boost? Are we conditioned to crave sweet and chocolate when our mood drops? Or are we drawn to foods that we associate with comfort?

I’m not usually an emotional eater but chocolate is the one thing that I crave, whether I’m stressed or sad. And right now I’m sad and trying to get through a workday without mascara trails down my face. And for that, double chocolate chip muffins may be the only solution.


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