Broken up rollercoaster

I’m really really tired. This whole emotion thing after a break up sucks. I made myself a healthy breakfast this morning (scrambled eggs) but still got to work and ate a scone. And then another one at 11am. Was I really hungry? The first time, yes (maybe) but the second time, probably not. It was more distraction than hunger. I’ve barely drunk much water (although I have had 3 cups of green tea) so I need to start throwing that back to get my hydration back up.

Ugh. I did go to the gym last night and spent 35 minutes on the treadmill (random setting, level 4, 4.0 mph) but I was wiped and skipped the rest of the planned workout in favour of laundry, speaking to the folks back home and sleeping. But another restless night so I’m still tired.

But as the gurus from It’s Called a Breakup because it’s Broken say,

Drowning your sorrows in the comforts of excess won’t get him back — it’ll only make you fatter, drunker, and sadder. Not that there’s anything wrong with being fat, drunk, and sad — after all, look how it worked out for Ernest Hemingway.

So I have training again with Joe the Devil tonight and even though I’m sore from Monday’s session and I’m tired and I’m grumpy and would rather sit on the couch with paella (roomie’s cooking tonight) and a Corona and watch America’s Next Top Model, I will go and I will train HARD. Plus the seratonin boost from exercise can only be good, right?!


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