I wish it wasn’t raining because I really need to run right now. I’m feeling very antsy, distracted and off. How to explain?

Buzzing. That’s what it is. I’m buzzing. The adrenalin is flowing, the nerves are on edge and I feel like screaming. I really wish I could go to the gym tonight and work off this nervous energy but alas, I am fated to sit on the subway for an hour and spend the evening with cousins whose kids irritate me and whose food sits heavily in my belly. The things we do under obligation.

Anywhoo, tomorrow I’m attending my first Ballet Bootcamp class at the gym – I’ll post all about it!


One thought on “Ants

  1. I noticed you included a link to Starling Fitness on your blogroll. Thanks for the link. I really appreciate it.

    By the way, family eating is the HARDEST for me. I rehearse what I am going to say over and over so that it’s easy for me to tell my mom that I’m not going to eat something or that I’m not going to eat more. I think the rehearsing really helps.

    Good luck at Ballet Bootcamp!

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