This week in cravings

I’ve tried. I really have. But the cravings were too strong. I gave into the chocolate and the alcohol (3 glasses of wine on Wednesday night, 2 glasses of Sangria last night) and you know what? I enjoyed it. I needed to relax a bit.

This week has been a tough week. It’s been the longest week in history. I’m sure each day was more than 24 hours and there were more days squeezed into the week. Work was very stressful – I got an email on Sunday night about some problems in a project that had already gone to print and there were no details. I spent Monday trying to chase them up, to no avail. All the author would say was that he found “some typos” and he could only email me with the details at 6:30pm. So I cancelled dinner plans, went to the gym and then headed straight home to check email.

“Typos?” These were not typos. These were serious ERRORS. Seriously not good. So my stomach was in knots while I tried to figure out what to do. My knots had knots.

And then M called and we broke up. That was an hour of the night and the rest of the night was screwed. Sleep? What’s that?

Tuesday was a mad rush of trying to solve the issues at work and not cry about the whole relationship thing. I felt like shit all day and I was tired and stressed. And I kinda felt the weight of the world on me.

Wednesday was better but I was majorly distracted. I really didn’t get a lot done during the day. I wanted to be curled up in bed or on the couch or just somewhere else. I couldn’t concentrate. But I went to the gym and trained after work and I HURT. I asked Joe to push me hard and he did. I felt it. I maybe could have pushed harder but I still felt it. My arms hurt when I went to push the soap dispenser! I went home, had dinner and 3 glasses of wine and a lot of laughs, which was ultra important.

Thursday was a no-exercise, so-so eating day – I worked from home, stayed in sweatpants until 5pm when I went out for Mexican (hence the pitcher of sangria). Good night.

I work up with a sore throat this morning which sucks. Tonight will be a no-exercise night as well – going to the cousins for dinner, which means unhealth-ish food and a late night. Gotta do the family thing though.

What a freaking week.


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