I had all the best intentions this morning. Truly. And, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I got up early (thanks to a text message from my parents at 9am!) and pottered around, eventually getting ready for my first Ballet Boot camp class at the gym at 11:30. I was meeting a friend there and we were going to motivate each other. This sort of motivation only really works when you both show up!!!

That should give you a hint as to what happened.

On my way to the gym (all of 10 minutes walk away from home) I get a phone call from A. She’s just woken up and can’t make it. I’m already on the way to the gym, so I figure I’ll go anyway. I got changed and went to look into the class. It’s filled with all these lithe, tall, gorgeous women. They all know each other and look like frigging ballet dancers. Now, I know that I should suck it up and walk in, introduce myself to the instructor and get boot-camping. I know that.

Instead, I backed away slowly and headed downstairs to the safety of the elliptical trainers. I’m not a shy person but my confidence dropped seeing the women there. I felt safer on the elliptical.

Now, I am still proud of myself. Why? Because instead of turning back when I got the phone call or going home after seeing the women in the class, I still worked out. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer on level 3 and although I was sweating and cursing the whole time, I stuck with it and still worked out. Proud? You betcha!

I’m not entirely proud of eating a bowl of ice-cream at lunch though. But hey, baby steps.

So you’ll have to wait until next week for the Ballet Boot camp update. I promise I’ll go through with it next week!


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