Discrimination … against thin people??

I have a confession.

I am addicted to America’s Next Top Model and the forums on Television Without Pity. I am a lurker over there but I check out the episode recaps and (sometimes) the spoilers.

This week I’ve noticed something that made me cringe and want to slap someone. HARD.

There’s a girl on the show, Whitney, who’s the token “plus size” model (although at a size 10, hardly plus size in the real world). She is amazingly confident and is proud of her body, saggy tits and all. She’s only 20 but I swear, she could teach millions of women how to be proud of who they are. She talks about the challenges she faces and will face as the only ‘bigger’ girl on a show and in an industry where size 0-4 is ideal. Sure, she talks about how ‘skinny girls don’t eat’ and how she’s real. But this is confidence and bravado.

Some of the posters on TWOP claim she’s discriminating and spewing ‘hate speech’ against skinny girls and that skinny girls are suffering in this world. To this I call BULLSHIT. Skinny people do NOT suffer at all. 90% of women who are a size 0 are not like that naturally. Sure, there are a few out there, but really, if naturally thin includes denying yourself food and exercising insanely, then okay, you’re ‘naturally’ thin. MOST people work for it in some way and perhaps it becomes a way of life and they don’t notice it anymore.

But I call BULLSHIT on the hate speech and discrimination. While skinny bitches are idealised as the perfect body, there is no discrimination. While clothes are designed for beanpoles, there is no discrimination. While there are reality TV shows about how to make yourself perfect – skinny included – there is no discrimination.

I’m not going to even go into the snark that goes on about Whitney’s body on those forums. Ugh. Talk about girl-on-girl crime. These are girls who hate their bodies and themselves so they snark on someone who is confident and body-happy. I know who I’d rather be.


5 thoughts on “Discrimination … against thin people??

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  2. What right do you have to talk about thin people like that. I hate people like you. I am extremely thin and have done anything in my power to try to gain weight and nothing works. Its people like you who make me feel self conscious and feel akward in my own skin. People like YOU who accuse me of not eating or having some sort of eating disorder. No i don;t like being skinny, and no i do not feel like a woman, and NO i did not WORK TO BECOME SKINNY BECAUSE I WOULD RATHER BE OF AN AVERAGE SIZE. I’ve dealt with every name in the book throughout my entire life and for that i have little self confidence. I’ve had people look at me in disgust and just don’t like me for the mere fact that I am skinny before they even meet me. There is discrimination for all shapes and sizes and colours and religions there is not one section that has it PERFECT. GOD!!!

    • I talk about thin people who see the world against them because I don’t think they are legitimately discriminated against as these girls claim. Maybe you are one of the few naturally skinny girls who do feel as though they suffer – in that case, I’m sorry about that. But overall, skinny girls don’t really suffer in my opinion. And really, you searched back all these posts (almost a year back) to yell at me for my own opinions?

      I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with crap like that though – nobody should have to deal with it. No size should be targeted – big or small.

  3. “Skinny people do NOT suffer at all.”
    You have no clue what in the hell you are talking about.
    NO clue.
    Big girls have it bad? Right. MOST

  4. of them COULD do something about their weight and do not. I on the other hand (with many others) cannot gain weight for shit. I face discrimination constantly over something I cannot help. Epic fail on this blog.

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