International No Diet Day (oh, the irony!)

Happy International No-Diet Day! I kinda wish this was printed on my calendar, especially considering how down about my weight and eating habits I was this morning.

What is International No Diet Day?

 It was founded in 1992 by Dietbreakers in England as a response to the ever-increating pressure for people – men and women – to be thin to the point of unhealthiness. It is a day to celebrate your body and the beauty of it – be it slim or curvy. It’s a day to remember that being healthy is the ultimate aim – the number shouldn’t be the goal.

How can you celebrate?

Some ideas (via Largesse):

  • Eat a new food or food type you’ve been denying yourself.
  • Eat at least three meals and two snacks today.
  • Give away clothes you’ve been waiting to be thin enough to wear.
  • Don’t compare your body to anyone else’s. Remind yourself that you are unique.
  • Pay someone a compliment based on something other than weight-related qualities.
  • Send a friend a cookie-gram.
  • Wear bright colours.  Be seen.
  • Notice how much young children enjoy their food, guilt-free.
  • Do something you’ve been putting off until you’re ‘thin’ enough to do it.
  • Make a top ten list about what you love about your body.
  • This day is so important for me today of all days. I woke up this morning feeling so low about my body and my weight. I was convinced that I’d put on so much weight over the past week or so. My eating habits have been really bad (thanks emotions!) and I’ve been giving into all the cravings – chips, chocolate, ice-cream, bread, you name it. I could feel my thighs chafing this morning. I was repulsed.

    Then I weighed myself. Sure, I’d gained a little but honestly, nothing serious. Maybe 2lbs. Nothing to justify how hard I was being on myself.

    So I’m going to take that list of things to do and make sure I DO them and really make sure I respect my body. And you should do the same 🙂


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