Empty calories vs feeling happy?

So I’m watching tv right now and they’re showing a new episode of X-Weighted on Slice and the nutritionist was talking about how many calories are in vodka + mixers and it amazed me. I don’t know why really – I’ve always known that there are calories in everything and why should vodka be any different. I haven’t really been paying much attention to my drinking – not that I drink a lot but come summer, I’m usually out drinking and socialising most evenings.

So, I decided to add up all my drinks this past week.

Thursday = 2 x Bloody Caesars; 3 x Coronas = approx. 500 calories (ouch!!)

Friday = 3 x premixed Smirnoff Ice; 1 x shot tequila; 2 x Vodka Sevens = approx. 400 calories (double ouch!)

Saturday = 1 x Corona; sake (who knows how much?) = approx 250 calories

So, over the weekend I consumed over 1000 calories just in alcoholic beverages. That’s frightening. All my hard work in eating is completely negated by the drinking. True, this was an extreme weekend, being a long weekend and all, but still. That’s insane.

I’m in a little bit of shock right now but once I process this, I’ll do something about it. How happy do I feel about this all now? Umm … not so happy.



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