Off course and trying to find my way back

It’s VERY annoying how I’ve fallen off the wagon just as the weather seems to be on the way to sunshine and revealing clothing. I’m down from my usual 4 gym sessions a week (2x weights and 2x cardio) to 3 (2x weights and 1x half-hearted cardio) and my eating is, well, crap. Awful. Stupid. I KNOW what I should and shouldn’t be eating and doing and even as the voice says “Don’t do it, you don’t need it” my hands are already reaching for it and my mouth is opening up in anticipation.

I’m not eating because I’m hungry or because the food in question is nutritionally sound. Nope. I’m eating because I’m stressed out and bored at the same time. I’m stressed out with deadlines and bored when I’m waiting for stuff to come in. Waiting because I’m relying on other people and that in turn stresses me out even more.

I’ve found myself getting into minor panic attacks at work and I’ve had to do the whole yoga breathing thing to calm down. I’d like to get out of the office and run for a bit but there have been meetings after meetings after meetings which means I’ve been desking it for lunch and not leaving the office at all. Another bad thing because I’m never satisfied with my lunch when I desk it. No matter what I eat, I always crave more afterwards – and more usually ends up being a packet of chips or a chocolate.


I’m putting it out there. I’ve done it before and I will do it again.

  • 1 piece of chocolate per week
  • No chips for a month
  • 3 muffins a week instead of 5 (c’mon – it’s kinda breakfast!)
  • A better breakfast in the morning with protein instead of all carbs
  • No snacking after 8pm

I can do this and really, it’s not denying myself THAT much because, when it comes down it to, I don’t need this stuff. I want it but my body doesn’t need it. And I need to remember that. It does NOTHING for me and I need to consume food that benefits me. I’ll feel better for it.


Find that course and stay on it!


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