Searching for the quick fix in life

Too many dessert!

The Daily Mail has an article today “A Diet Pill that makes you feel full as soon as you start eating” (really, who’s coming up with their headlines – they’re crap!). From the article:

Scientists say they are astonished by the success of trials on tesofensine, a drug which could be on the market in three years.

By targeting part of the brain which controls appetite, it makes the user feel full soon after starting a meal and cuts the urge to snack.

They’re touting this as the latest breakthrough that could see patients lose 2 dress sizes in 6 months. Do you know what else helps you lose 2 dress sizes? Learning to eat properly and exercising!!! I’m sorry, but there is no magic pill out there, no magic diet and no quick fix.

The issue I have with fad diets, lap band surgery and diet pills is that none of these options teach you how to change your lifestyle for good and how to keep the weight off permanently. Nobody puts on all the weight necessary to become obese overnight – it’s a process of years and years of neglect and bad eating. So why do people expect to lose the weight overnight without any effort?

Okay, perhaps I’m being judgemental – after all, even at my heaviest, I was never obese. Overweight, yes; obese, no. I only had 25lbs to lose and how did I do it?

  • Weight watchers (taught me about portion control and nutrition – things I have been able to keep up for 3 years, give or take a few lapses)
  • Exercise

Was it easy? God no. I had to change my lifestyle and my attitude and even now, it’s a constant effort to walk away from the chocolate temptation and remember to listen to my body.

Fad diets and magic pills don’t really teach you that, in my opinion. With diet pills that curb your appetite – where do you learn about nutrition and true portion control? Where do you learn that what you put into your body needs to fuel it? Where do you learn that perhaps 3 beers every night with pizza is not good for you?

You don’t. You don’t learn anything. So when you stop taking the pills, you’ll inevitably regain all the weight, if not more. And you’re body will suffer from the yo-yo effect and you’ll be right back at square one with a much lighter wallet and no knowledge to speak of.

That sounds like magic, doesn’t it?


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