Can women “have it all”?


I was talking to my mother last night (love her to bits but the woman has body issues like you wouldn’t believe!) and it got me thinking. Is it really possible to have it all – the career, the social life and the sanity?

I’ve been really stressed out at work for the past two weeks – major major deadline for 10:30 this morning. Thank goodness we made it – on the dot of 10:30 mid you – but my life has been either work, eat, sleep or training for the past week or so. Plus I’ve been feeling a little low so it’s been a struggle to push through. My mother knows this.

She also knows that I broke up with M about a month ago. We’d only been together for 3 months and really, I knew I wasn’t all that into the relationship but I tried. I tried to ignore my gut and go for the the relationship with the guy who’s great on paper. Suffice to say, it didn’t work. She knows this.

But what does she ask me about?

1: How’s the gym coming along? how’s your eating?

2: How’s your “social life”? (Ie, are you seeing anyone?)

Now, any twit with half a brain could have heard my voice warbling from stress and exhaustion and know that these are not things that are on my mind right this second, especially after I’ve just ranted to you about how I had a 12 hour day and would be back at the office by 7am and the only reason I left the office was because there was nobody around to do the work I needed done. But no. She makes me feel as if the only thing that matters is if I’m seeing anyone and if I’m skinny.

So I wonder, is it really possible to have it all and stay sane? How does one switch focus from career stress to relationships to friends to exercise and still stay sane and not disappoint those around them? I know that my “me” time is very important for my sanity, but am I being selfish to turn down the occassional invite out to sleep? Is the fact that I’ve only been on 2 dates in the past month since my breakup a bad thing? Am I letting things slide and letting the side down at the same time?

Is the whole idea of having it all a fantasy?


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