Wednesday workout

Free weights

I had a training session this evening with J and I met up with N to warm up before training. I know that the best way to go is to do my cardio after my weights but often my legs are very shaky after J’s had his way, so I tend to spend 30-45 minutes on the treadmill/elliptical/bike with N before training.

Tonight, we met up and did 30 minutes on the treadmill – Level 3, random setting, 4.0mph. It’s never an intense workout with N because we end up chatting, but always work up a sweat, so we’re probably within the fat burning range. I need to start wearing my heart rate monitor and getting more aware.

We followed that up with 10 minutes on the recumbent bike – I pushed myself hard but N didn’t really. Still, better than nothing.

Then onto training with J. My hour session featured the following today:

4 x 12 weighted lunges on the smith machine

5 x 12 leg curls – superset with

4 x 12 squats on the bosu ball

4 x 12 seated rows – superset with

4 x 12 lat pulldown

4 x 12 exercise that I don’t know the name of but involved pulling a pulley across the body and working my core and obliques! Superset with

5 x 12 tricep pull down thingies

My arms were burning at the end of that workout! Total time: 100 minutes

This is why I have a trainer. There is no frigging way I would push myself that hard and get to the stage where getting on the bosu ball to do those squats is not a struggle. When I started working out with J, my lunges looked like the work of a chronic drunk and the bosu ball was not my friend at all. My legs would shake after one set of lunges and we were only doing 3 sets and not 4. I remember having to stop after 2 sets in my first week.

I signed up for more sessions again and have decided to up my routine to 3 PT sessions one week and 2 the next. In between, I’ll get in 1 intense cardio session and 1 fat-burning cardio session at least. That takes me to 4-5 sessions a week and should be enough to push through this plateau. Not that it’s bothering me a lot, considering this was my WW goal weight and I’m pretty content with it, but I’m half-way between pant sizes and I’d love to drop to a definite size. Plus I’m loving my muscles.

I have a session on Friday and we’re taking measurements before starting the new intense workout. I’ll post the measurements (I’m not expecting them to be great considering I’ve slacked off for the last 3 weeks or so) and we’ll see what happens!

Oh, and I got 2 free sessions with a nutritionist so we’ll see what she says about my diet (I know I need to eat more protein but it’ll be interesting otherwise)


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