Thursday workout

(I really should come up with a better title, shouldn’t I?)

It was such a gorgeous day today that I had to get out of the office at lunch so I grabbed two of my colleagues and we went for a walk. I would have liked a bit more intensity but considering that S didn’t have her sneakers, it was still nice. We walked through the park nearby and through the streets and got back to the office 45 minutes later. Nice.

Then I got an email from N cancelling our gym session. No worries, I had my gear with me and decided to go anyway. I had to stop and get something to eat before working out though – I had lunch (a piece of pizza, yes, I know) but I was starving. So the whole way to the gym my angel and my devil were arguing.

Devil: Hmmm … I could so go for some sweet potato fries right now

Angel: No, a chicken wrap from Timothy’s will be much better – we could get a green tea with it for the caffeine boost

Devil: True, but those fries and that mayo dipping sauce is heavenly

Angel: Shut up stupid. We’re getting a wrap and that’s that

The Angel won but it was a close call. Getting off the bus gave me the option: turn right for fries, left for a wrap. I won’t lie; I hesitated! But then I remembered and (small) piece of cake I had this afternoon and I picked the wrap. I will have to indulge in those fries at some stage – they’re too darn good to avoid forever!

So, the workout. I picked today to do some cardio and also push my body by doing stuff I either haven’t done for a while or at a higher intensity. I downloaded some new workouts from iTrain and I was keen to try them out.

I started on the recumbent bike and picked an iCycle 20 minute workout and pushed myself as hard as I could during the sprints and climbs. I really need to bring my heart rate monitor to the gym – the monitor on the bike wasn’t working properly but I know I was definitely burning so it was all good.

I followed that up with 20 minutes on the rowing machine to keep the cardio up and get my upper body involved. I would have liked to have used the elliptical tonight but no matter how many machines they have, they’re always taken at 6pm so I’ll have to be quicker next time.

I wasn’t sure what I felt like doing after that – my legs were sore and my back and arms were burning. But, sticking with the theme for the night, I picked the step machine. I haven’t been on this for a long time and I knew I would hurt so I only aimed for 10 minutes at level 7.

Let me tell you, my legs are aching right now and my arms aren’t very happy either. I’ll have to get rubbing with the A535 before bed otherwise I will be useless at training tomorrow. But I’m really glad I pushed myself through it tonight, especially since my eating has not been on an A+ level. Nothing seriously bad, just not great and I’m working on it.

I’m a work in progress 🙂


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