It’s a numbers game

But which numbers are truly important?

From 6 months ago:

Weight: 138

Body fat %: 33.6

Water %: 51.2

From today:

Weight: 130 (I did weigh myself this morning and come in at 125 but I’m going on the gym’s scales sadly)

Body fat %: 24.8

Water %: 59.9

On the surface, it appears that I’ve only lost 8lbs in 6 months, which is a paltry number. A number I really hate UNTIL I work out that I’ve actually lost 14lbs of FAT and gained 6lbs of MUSCLE. Those numbers are far more telling and far more important in my book. They tell me that I’ve changed my body composition and shape. My dress sizes tell me that I’ve changed my body shape and you know what? While I would have been hugely disappointed in my small weight loss a year ago, now I realise that there are more important numbers out there.

Like the number of walking lunges I can do without looking drunk (more than 100)

Like the number of squats and presses I did on the bosu ball today without falling over (50)

Like the fact that I could get on the treadmill for 30 minutes after my strength session and not keel over like I did when I first started.

Like that fact that I now have almost 100lbs of pure lean muscle on my body instead of fat.

I like those numbers 🙂


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