Dropping the scales

Leslie at The Weighting Game blogged about how she’s managed to stay away from the scales since December until weighing herself now. I find it really interesting how perspective can change about how our bodies should look and what weight is “right” for us. Leslie gained 7lbs but is no longer obsessing about food and calories, plus she’s gained muscle. It kinda ties into my feeling about how it’s a numbers game and how some numbers are more important than others.

As a society, we’re taught to obsess over two numbers – weight and clothing size. It’s as if those two numbers are supposed to define us forever; forget things like intelligence or whatnot. Your size is you. Your numbers are YOU.

Now I don’t know if I can stop the weighing in all the time – I really appauld Leslie! I sometimes weigh in daily but I know that my weight fluctuates 1-3lbs a day so those daily weigh-ins bring me down. I try keep it to a weekly weigh-in (naked and first thing in the morning, natch!) and then my monthly body composition stuff at the gym. I know I have a tendancy to slack off without seeing a number at some point, but I’m not fussed with the weight itself anymore. My body likes to be at around 125-130 and if I’m aware of my food (but not obsessive) and make sure I’m active, it hovers around there happily. So I’m happy.

What about you? Are you a scale junkie or scale-a-phobe? Do you embrace the number or drown your sorrows?



3 thoughts on “Dropping the scales

  1. Very insightful observation, we obsess about all the wrong and inconsequential numbers in our life. Count instead, the special qualities you have, the number of friends, the number of people who love you, the number of times you laugh everyday; in short count your blessings!

  2. I agree 100%.
    In fact, I think that’s going to be my challenge for June – finding ways to count my blessings and not count my my shortcomings.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. thanks so much for reading my post and giving it your own take – I’ve gotten such positive responses from people, it’s been amazing. I think you will too. Down with the scale!!

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