Frustrated beyond belief

Today has not been a good day. I am disappointed in my body. As they say, the mind is willing but the body is not.

I’ve managed to do something to my left quad. On Monday I ran for the bus. Nothing new there – thanks to the TTC, I have to run for the bus every afternoon. But on Monday, halfway across the road, my left quad cramped up. I limped to the bus and still managed to make it through training, just without doing any quad work. So no squats or lunges or step-ups.

I felt okay yesterday but due to dinner with the ex, I didn’t get to the gym.

Tonight, I had completely forgotten about it. I got to the gym, despite my asthma playing up, and warmed up on the recumbent bike for 38 minutes before starting my training session with J. I did 15 lunges on my right leg, no problem. Got onto my left, did ONE lunge and almost started crying from the pain. Oh my god, it was SO painful, like a sharp, shooting pain up my left quad. I was winded from the shock. There went another session without quad work. Plus I started to get a freaking major headache halfway through the session and then my right ear blocked up. Nice.

Thanks body. Nice to know you’re falling apart on me just before my 28th birthday.

So I’m sitting here with a heat pad on my leg and waiting on the Extra Strength Ibuprofen to kick in. I’ve booked in for a physio appointment tomorrow night which will have to go onto the credit card since I only get paid on Friday, so hopefully they can clear this up before my training session on Friday morning. I’d hate to have to avoid squats and lunges for the entire week. I’d also hate to feel like a freaking invalid for my NYC trip.

Bah humbug. Any suggestions?


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