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Is it really lying?

There’s a story in the Daily Mail about how presenter Fern Britton had lap-band surgery to lose weight but told the public that she’d lost the weight through diet and exercise. It’s the same thing that Star Jones did and the public is up in arms.

The difference here is that Star Jones denied the surgery and Fern Britton was never asked and therefore didn’t technically lie, she just didn’t offer the truth. And while lap-band surgery is a way to get started on the weight loss, you do have to incorporate diet and exercise in order to keep the weight off – I’ve read many blogs by people who’ve had the surgery and regained all the weight over a couple of years. So, technically she wasn’t lying.

And yet people feel cheated and discouraged. I think I undertstand the discouragement more than anything. I think by not volunteering that she had surgery, she gave the impression that anyone could achieve the weight loss that she had achieved. And while that completely true in my opinion, as soon as people found out that she had had a little “help”, they no longer focus on the diet and exercise. They focus on the surgery and the fact that they’re just as overweight as Fern was and if she had to resort to surgery, then they would have to. If they don’t have the money for the surgery, oh well, they can’t lose the weight.

And that, my friends, is bull.

I really don’t agree with gastric bypasses, lap-band surgeries or any surgical interention personally but whatever method you choose to jumpstart your weightloss, you still need to pay attention to diet and exercise in order to get healthy and stay there. In 99% of cases, the reason you gained weight was through (bad) diet and (lack of) exercise, so if you continue those trends after you’ve lost your weight, it’s inevitable that you’ll regain.

Fern Britton and Star Jones lost weight through surgery, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re keeping it off through diet and exercise.

Unless you disagree?



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