And now to being aware of appearances…

When I go to the gym, I go to work out. I don’t really care about how I look or if I have the dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line) etc. I go to the gym to sweat and hurt and work my butt off (literally hopefully!). I don’t noticed anyone else there, unless they’re too funny to ignore. Examples of this include Grunting Guy, Parachute Pants Man and Full-Face of Makeup Female. Otherwise, you’re off my radar.

Not so everyone else I’ve learnt.

Friday night I’m out with some friends and we’re waiting in line while it was raining. This guy in suede shoes comes running up and scoots under the awning with us. All fine, considering there was nobody behind us. He starts chatting to us, or rather me (he kinda ignored my friends) and then looks at me and proclaims

“I know you. You work out at my gym, the [redacted]! You’re there with a trainer most days”

Damn. People actually notice me there? Forget the fact that I’ve never seen him there, now I’m starting to think I need to actually pay attention to what I wear. I have ONE gym outfit that looks good (thank god for lululemon) but what I like about my gym is that it generally isn’t a pick-up joint. At least not to me. Naive?

 Forget the fact that this guy turned out to be slightly arrogant (never trust someone wearing suede shoes, blue or otherwise), I’m now slightly paranoid and overly aware of my gym going attire.


4 thoughts on “And now to being aware of appearances…

  1. If I could afford it, I would buy so many pairs of lululemon pants (and if I could get away with it at work, I would. Jeans is as far as my casual officewear goes).

    I tried to convince my mother to exchange her old Mickey Mouse leggings from 1995 for a pair of lululemon fitness pants but alas, she has yet to fall in love with the ‘lemon!

  2. i was just saying to a friend today, I could blow a grand so, so easily at lululemon. If i let myself, I mean. that place makes me want to just become a yoga teacher, if only for the funky clothes. Or a ballerina.

    I try to stick to myself at the gym…not there to socialize or get hit on. It just becomes a major time suck. The guy obv noticed you becasue (a) you’re cute and (b) you’re working with a trainer, which makes you seem especially dedicated. Don’t be self-conscious 🙂

  3. LOL – I’ve decided to buy my SIL something from lululemon for her birthday but I fear it’s really just an excuse for me to stick a little sumthing sumthing in the bag for me!

    It’s funny because I know my gym is in the trendy neighbourhood (they call the area young & eligible for a reason!) but I’m so clueless when I’m working out. While I MAY pay a little more attention to the VPL for a day or so, I don’t think I actually have it in me to worry. It takes too much energy!

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