My parents are coming to visit tomorrow. It’s been a long 8 months since I’ve seen them and, considering that I used to see or speak to them everyday, I can’t wait to see them. They’re not staying with me for a couple of reasons. One is that there’s very little space here and I know they will want their own space etc. The other is that my roommate is a slob and I wouldn’t want my parents to have to live in the mess that she’s forces me to live in. I try to tidy as much as possible, but it’s really her place so I can’t throw her things out!

But my main concern for this post is that my parents are in holiday mode. I’ll be spending a lot of time with them and my routine is going to be shot to hell. Eating out every lunch and every dinner. I’ll have to squeeze in gym time and pack my snacks and hope I get time to eat them. I’ll have to work doubly hard to choose healthier options when we eat out but it’s going to be a challenge. I’m hoping to cook for them at least once, but considering that there’s no dining table in the apartment, they’d have to eat at the couch and my parents deserve more than that.

I’m just scared that all my hard work is going to go down the drain to some degree. I’ve been working so hard at the gym for the past 3 weeks and I’m supposed to have measurements taken next week (technically it was this week, but I ate out three times this week and once was pasta and ice-cream so I bailed) and I want to see results of sorts. I know that weight won’t change, but I want the body fat % to change.

I need to write this down and make it happen:

  • I will not let the next 10 days be a licence to give up and slack off
  • I will make healthy choices, pack my snacks and drink my 2 litres of water EVERY day
  • I will encourage my parents to (maybe) join me at the gym and get my workouts in.

Hold me to it, mkay?


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