So much food. So much food.

My fridge is now full of chocolate and dips and my cupboard is full of chips. I have diet coke in the fridge – it’s the first bit of softdrink I’ve had in there for a long time.

Pre-brunch = yoghurt and a handful of M&Ms

Brunch today = veggie omlette with some home fries and a green tea

Snack = low-sodium chips and low-fat dip

Dinner = pasta and a glass of wine (+ half a small breadroll)

NOTHING on plan. Not enough water drunk. No activity.

I’m not talking good or bad food because I refuse to categorise food like that, but I know that eating like this does not make my body feel great. I feel bloated and uncomfortable. I feel tired.

I need to get back on track tomorrow, parents or not. Just because they’re on holiday does not mean I’m on holiday. One ‘off-plan’ meal or snack a day is one thing, but all day? No way. If I’m determined to make good choices in life, I need to stick to good choices all the time. I’m not angry or disappointed – no judging myself, ‘cos I don’t think that’s productive – but I need to step up and realise that every day is a new day and every day needs to be a good day.


In other news, my mother bought me a sushi maker-thingie so once I buy some nori and sushi rice, I’m all for making my own sushi! YAY! I love love love sushi and it’s so healthy too – okay, except for the rice, but that’s not too bad in the scheme of things – and I do spend a LOT of money on sushi every week so this will be a money saver. PLUS she brought a whole lot of my skirts from back home so I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe (that needs a little bit of alteration thanks to the whole losing weight thing) but that’s awesome so I don’t need to shop (okay, but maybe I WANT to shop!) so that’s a money saver as well. Plus I feel more like … well, ME. And that’s DEFINITELY a good thing.



4 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. I love reading that feeling more like you is a GOOD THING!
    and it’s the 23rd.
    a new day (a new post?)
    not the best eating choices up in herre yesterday either (read: Im sluggish)——-but Im focusing on the fact it’s a NEW WEEK.

    have a good one,


  2. It’s REALLY hard to eat well with family around, so good luck not being too influenced by what they’re doing.

    Wish I liked sushi but I never acquired a taste for it. It’s so cool you can make your own now!

  3. i could literally eat sushi all day, everyday…the Americanized kind ๐Ÿ™‚ like fake crab or smoked salmon. So good..I don’t care about the rice. The day I start thinking of sushi as “bad” because it has to many carbs will be a sad, sad day, indeed.

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