Joining the challenge

I’ve been lurking around a lot of blogs for a while (sorry … I tried not to leave chocolate wrappers around) and I’ve decided to join the Healthy You Challenge, not to lose weight but just be healthier. It’s always good to be accountable and by having to check in every week and list my healthy achievements, I think it’ll be good for me.

I’ll update my Who the Hell am I? page for more background.

In other news, I had the most delicious meal last night – Chilean Sea Bass with spinach and roaster red pepper. So tasty and it reminded me that I enjoy fish so I should bite the bullet and make it myself. I think it kinda intimidates me, just because I’ve only ever made myself salmon and I tend to stick to chicken or cold meals otherwise. I have a mean repetoire of chicken dishes but when it comes to fish, salmon it is. So my challenge is to explore new, easy recipes. If anyone has something to share, please pass it on!


3 thoughts on “Joining the challenge

  1. Hi! I’m on the HYC, too. I’ve switched to eating a lot of fish – I live 15 miles from the Gulf Coast so it’s always available:-)

    Fish and shrimp are great because they are quick cooking – especially the thinner fish like tilapia and flounder.

    Tilapia fillets are great with just a little lemon juice and salt & pepper on them– but in the broiler for about 10 minutes and you are good.

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