On not succumbing to pressure

So Leslie and Charlotte both have very interesting posts today (go! check them out!) and they made me think a little. Normally, they’d make me think a lot but it’s Friday and it’s a long weekend coming up. My brain can’t work that hard.

I went out for dinner last night with some work friends and we ended up at a place who’s name I will not divulge as I would hate to give them any business. Yes, it was THAT bad. The service was awful. The food was okay but nothing special either. But that’s not the point.

They had some good choices on the menu and, when you worked it out, it was cheaper to get a dinner special with 3 courses than one dish alone. Weird, I know!The options were green salad or caesar salad for starters, grilled salmon, chicken or pasta for mains and creme brulee or fresh fruit for dessert. I chose the green salad (it came with a mustard vinegarette dressing), the salmon and the fruit. I got roundly mocked for choosing the fruit. I was told that one creme brulee wouldn’t hurt. I just shrugged and said I’m sticking with the fruit.

It turned out that after I ordered the fruit, 3 other people changed their orders. They hadn’t wanted the creme brulee but felt that it was weird to order fruit. Once I had ordered it, they did to. I’m not trying to paint myself as the great conquerer though – I didn’t try influence or persuade. I just ordered.

And you know what?

When dessert came around, the creme brulee turned out to be sub-par. One or two people finished it and everyone else took a couple of diets, pulled a face and pushed it aside. The fruit plate consisted of one strawberry, 4 blueberries, some canned mandarin and some canned grapefruit. But I enjoyed it more than any crappy creme brulee!

No regrets!


2 thoughts on “On not succumbing to pressure

  1. so interesting that once you ordered the fruit, so many others changed their order. Too bad they only gave you enough fruit to satisfy a burd but still, you obvs made the right choice. I don’t even like creme brulee – when you’ve waitressed for years and worked in the kitchen, seeing all the garbage that goes into certain dishes, you get turned off.

  2. I found it really funny actually – everyone raving about creme brulee and then discovering how many changed their minds and got the fruit!

    Now you’ve got me wondering what goes into creme brulee with that comment too!

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