HYC Check in

This past week has been a struggle to stay on course health-wise. My parents being in town has meant that my eating has been all over the place and my exercising, while still technically on track, has been less than stellar. Very little cardio and definitely not enough to off-set all the eating.

But I have managed to make good choices among all the eating. While my uncle and aunt are big pasta eaters an insisted on Italian food 3 times during the week, I managed to find healthier options and only really indulged the first night (I really thought it would be the only time we went for Italian!). So far, breakfast has been the only meal I’ve been totally in control of so the fact that I haven’t gained any weight over the week is something I’m pretty happy with. My trainer is frustrated that I’m plateauing but I’m not (much). I know that once my routine returns to normal, I’ll be more accountable.

I’m feeling a little down at the moment though. It’s a combination of my parents leaving tomorrow and the fact that N, who I was going to be moving out with, has changed her mind so I’m now probably going to move out alone. Part of me is excited about having my own space etc but another part of me is scared of being lonely. I’ve never lived alone. Even though I very rarely actually SEE my roommate at the moment (we send each other emails and make ‘dates’ to meet up), it’s still a presence there. I’m a little torn and every time I think about either of those two things, I get a little teary. Which is a little embarrassing but I know I’ll be sobbing when my folks leave, for all their issues and whatnot.

My dad also let it slip the other day that he’s got to go in for a prostate biopsy when he gets home which freaked me out a bit too. I know that they catch these things a lot earlier than they used to and early detection means a lot better chance of recovery. I know that my uncle had prostate cancer and he’s still alive and kicking. But it’s still something that makes me realise that my parents are not immortal. Seeing him scared makes me scared. It’s hard being across the world from him and not knowing what’s going on or getting medical news via Skype.

So that’s my HYC check-in: not so great, not to bad. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “HYC Check in

  1. It looks like you managed the week the best way you could, and you didn’t gain–that’s great!

    So sorry for the stresses, but I’m sure all will work out well in the end!

  2. I think he gets frustrated because when he sees me, I work my ass off and he can’t understand why the numbers are dropping. Him getting frustrated is actually okay with me – he’ll work me harder and that’s good! As long as I know that I’m doing what I can and I don’t let myself get frustrated, I’m okay.

    As soon as I start questioning my sanity and my abilities, THEN I’m in trouble.

  3. Maintaining can be frustrating, but at least it’s not a gain. Hope all goes well with your dad. My dad had bladder cancer, he’s doing well now. Thank goodness medical practices have come so far.

  4. It IS scary to move out all on yoru own, I have never been 100% on my own- but I was semi alone, me & a 13mon old baby after my divorce- and I was terrified. πŸ™‚

    Having guests over in a win, win, lose situation! LOL! Having them around is most wonderful, visiting, playing- and then the how do I keep it real for me. Sounds like you are doing fine!

    Good luck with your dad– it’s your dad, early detection or not- scary still.

    Good luck, and welcome to HYC!!!

  5. Sorry your a little down right now. Your eating & exercise will balance out again. Having your own space is great. It may be a little lonely at first, but you’ll adjust. Hope all goes well with your dad.

  6. Hang in there. Sounds like you’ve done well coping with visiting family. I actually enjoyed living alone when I did many years ago. I bet you’ll find things you really like about it.

    Congrats on maintaining!

  7. checking in on you as *dang* you have a ton going on.

    have you read or watched the dvd of the secret?

    Im all about the positive visualization—-it’s hokey but it works.

    especially for your dad.


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