Thanks everyone for all the good wishes! Gee, a girl joins a challenge and look what happens!

I keep reminding myself that my father is so far showing no symptoms and the doctor wasn’t overly concerned about him putting off the biopsy until he returned from this trip. I also keep reminding myself that medical science has progressed so much that early detection is key. It’s just a scary thing – my father has never been seriously sick in my memory. Sure, he’s getting older and the joints are seizing up and the knee creaks a bit but he’s Dad. And to see him so apprehensive about going home and facing this is frightening. We’re all big into the whole visualisation thing (thanks Mizfit!) and positive thinking so I’m going to take a deep breath and say “there will be no cancer” and work on that!

They leave this afternoon and I’ve taken the extra day off to spend with them but I’m not going to the airport with them. It’ll be a waste of money really, since they’re taking a cab there and I’d say goodbye to them and get straight into another cab for the $45 ride home. I’ll say goodbye at their hotel and then trudge back to the subway station (probably crying), go for a cup of tea and some grocery shopping before heading to the gym for training. I figure if I get straight back into a routine, things won’t seem as big.

I’m trying a new recipe tonight for dinner/lunch tomorrow – Black Bean Beef and Asparagus – from a Canadian Living mag from May (I think). It’s fairly high calorie and I’m not entirely sure why. Looking at the ingredients, it seems healthy. I’m wondering if the dry sherry adds to it (it’s an optional extra which I’ll exclude since I don’t have any and don’t intend to buy a whole bottle to use 2 tablespoons thanks!) but it could also be the noodles. It’s probably the noodles actually – I’ll make sure to get some wholewheat ones (I’m trying really hard to get used to wholewheat pasta) and see what happens.

Onwards and upwards as they say!


2 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. I’ll join you: “There will be no cancer.” (Even with a successful treatment rate, the stress of going through it would be a good thing to avoid.) So. “There will be no cancer.”

    Kudos for getting back into your routine!Hang in there!

  2. Hello fellow Canadian!!
    Sorry to hear about your dad but best wished with that – I know its really hard when a close family memeber encounteres anytype of medical issue. Thank good ness we’re Canadian and health care is not costs us bundes.
    chin up girl!

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