On inconsideration

Tell me, am I expecting too much? Is it really difficult to wash dishes, buy your own groceries and in general, live in a clean, tidy environment? Do I possess some amazing skills that these things seem simple to me?

My roommate claims to be home so rarely that it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on groceries. But she has no problem eating my cottage cheese, fruit, leftovers and yoghurt – things I buy/make especially for work lunches and snacks. I spend MY money on said groceries because I use them and when she conveniently does too, I end up buying more. Why doesn’t she? Well, she’s never home. Except to eat my food and leave dishes around the place.

Now I’m not normally a food nazi. I usually hate the whole idea of my food and your food. But that’s when both people are buying or making food. Then it becomes a case of “I’m going to the grocery store – do you need anything?” and you share. But when someone else is eating and not sharing, I get pissed. Plus she’s managed to help herself to half a packet of Tim Tams that my parents brought me from Australia, whereas I’ve been trying to save them and have had 3 in total. At the rate she’s going, we’ll be out in a week and nothing more for 3 months at least (until I go back for a visit).

I think this week is really pushing me to take that opportunity to live alone. I’m slightly (entirely, completely) on edge and at the end of my cottage-cheese-eating-dish-washing rope!


3 thoughts on “On inconsideration

  1. oh, I am so with you. I have a major problem sharing food…I think that’s why I don’t like tapas. I get very territorial over my grub. Don’t touch. But I WILL eat off of everyone else’s plate. Not too fair, I know!

  2. Im ok with the sharing and touching but the dishes sitting in the sink day after day (waves at husband)?



    Which is why I no longer say anything and just wash the darn dishes. It’s obviously a really difficult task for some people!

  3. That would drive me crazy!

    Sounds like you would normally be fine sharing food if she ever bought any… but I’m like Leslie and am way too territorial for shared food arrangements. If I buy something then I want to eat it myself… I look forward to it and would probably literally burst into tears if someone swiped my treat I’d been hoarding.

    Good luck hashing this out with her, or finding a new arrangement. Yuck.

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