On learning and cooking

So my parents are currently winging their way home to Melbourne and I’m back at work and in the routine. I’m trying a few things out for July:

  • Plan my week’s meals every Sunday so I know whether I’m planning on eating out or not and what to buy at Dominion.
  • Go back to planning my workouts at the beginning of the week and writing them down so I’m committed to them.
  • Try a new recipe out every week to expand the repertoire of dishes
  • Designate one morning on the weekend for housecleaning so it doesn’t all pile up and necessitate a full military operation every so often!

I made Black Bean Beef and Asparagus last night and it was delicious! I think I made a little too many noodles but that could be me, since I don’t eat many of the noodles. I also added some green beans to up the veggies and it worked perfectly! Next time, to lower the calorie content, I think I’ll try using extra-lean ground turkey, rice noodles and splenda in place of the sugar in the sauce. It wasn’t much sugar, but I didn’t want to change the recipe too much the first time I tried it. Now that I know how it turns out, I’ll play around more.

The definite benefit of cooking more at home is that I have plenty of leftovers to freeze for the future! My roommate is very rarely home for dinner so dishes that serve 4 are great for leftovers and lunches. I have leftovers for lunch today (I might still get a small salad on the side) and dinner is there for tonight too. No excuses and no more spending on eating out. And since today looks like it will be late one at work, I am thankful that I don’t have to think of something for dinner!

Happy 4th of July for all the Americans out there – have a great weekend 🙂


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