As you may have noticed, I got bored of my old theme. A change is as good as a holiday and since I just had a mini-holiday, here’s my change!

I have a date tonight (ssshhh!) and I have no idea where we’re going for dinner. I do know that it’s somewhere nice because he has $100 from his boss for dinner anywhere and we’re using it tonight. He just called and I’m meeting him in the lobby of his building (just around the corner from mine!) at 7:30 for an 8pm reservation. Again, no idea where. This should be interesting.

I really don’t want to be THAT girl – you know, the one who whines about food choices and ends up getting a salad while the guy gets pasta or steak or whatnot. \I can’t check out a menu and I’m hoping against hope he hasn’t picked Italian – I ate so much Italian last week! But either way, there will be healthier options without doing the whole “really, I’m not hungry, a salad is fine” crap. Because very rarely is a salad fine for dinner unless it’s huge and filled with protein.

I’m still going to try get to the gym after work though – I didn’t go last night and while I won’t be able to get a full workout in tonight, I still need to do something. For my own sanity really. Which means I may have to leave work a tad early today to make it. Oh, gee, that’s awful. How could I do that? *sarcasm alert*

The office is dead. Nobody would notice, save the crickets.

In other news, I’ve been bringing my new funky lunch bag to work yesterday and today and filling it with all my healthy snacks as recommended by Mr Nutritionist … and NOT EATING ANY! No, not because I’m snackign on other things, but because I haven’t been hungry to snack. I’ve been drinking loads of water and green tea and chewing on some gum. Other than the carrots, I have avoided snacking. I will have to have something before I go to the gym for energy but I’m quite proud of my little self. Perhaps I’m getting the hang of this whole eating when you’re hungry and not when you’re not thing. Perhaps it’s early days.


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