Approach with caution

Approach with Caution

Approach with Caution

FYI, I am PMSing badly.

I’ve had plans canceled tonight because N decided me saying “I’d LOVE to go to the John Mayer concert with you” was ambiguous and so she sold the tickets instead.

I’ve had my project editor I work with email me for the nth time to tell me that she hasn’t started on the QC work even though it’s due today and then get pissy at me for notifying her boss.

I’ve eaten chocolate ice-cream before lunch. I didn’t even want it really. It was free in the cafeteria so I had it.

I canceled training tonight because I thought I was going to a concert, so I’ll work out alone. I’ll try remember the solo plan J had given me the other week and get through as much of that as possible. I think with all the aggression I have right now, it might be a major workout.

I had a meeting in the courtyard this morning because it’s a beautiful day and managed to get burnt on ONE arm – so I have a lovely red arm for a right arm.

I barely slept last night – I was so wired and I couldn’t think why. Then I remembered that I had a nap yesterday afternoon and that, combined with the 3 cups of green tea, must have been a bad idea. It was that kind of sleep where you’re hyper aware of everything – every itch, every tickle, every noise. Plus I’d drunk a million glasses of water in the evening (to avoid snacking) so I was up every 10 minutes for the bathroom.

I really don’t like Monday generally. I don’t like PMSing. I hate the two combined.

So, if I’m to head to the gym tonight, any recommendations for a killer workout?


2 thoughts on “Approach with caution

  1. hang in there.

    Im too lazy 🙂 but you might wanna try the heavy bag!

    punching is always good for the stress and the calorie burn…or so Im told.

  2. I think I may venture down into the free weights room and attack that bag.

    Some days are just best for turning over and going back to sleep. But I’ll be right as they say!

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