Looking on the bright side of life

It’s absolutely POURING out there but you know? I’m so glad it it. It was horribly sticky today. I needed to go out for some air today and it was almost oppressive out there. Even though it’s a pretty major thunderstorm out there now, it’s a relief.

I had a meeting with Mr Nutritionist today and I realised just how many changes I’ve made over the past month, even though I had my parents here.

  • I cut out my morning muffins entirely. My breakfast is filling me up and I’m comfortable enough to walk to the cafeteria with my green tea as my colleagues buy their muffins. No temptation anymore
  • I’ve cut out my unhealthy afternoon snack of chips or chocolate  – still having a snack but it’s fruit or yoghurt (still not as much protein as Mr Nutritionist would like but it’s progress)
  • I’m cooking my own meals and not relying on Lean Cuisine and the cafeteria
  • Today, I said no to pizza TWICE – once because it was pizza day at the cafeteria (I brought my own lunch) and once when one of my colleagues came by with a Pizza Nova pizza left over from a lunch meeting. YAY me.
  • I’m listening to my body and not eating for the sake of it.

I’m really trying to step up my cardio this week as it’s really slipped past me and so far, so good. I’m feeling a little asthmatic today (and freaked myself out a little by not having my puffer with me today) but I still managed 35 minutes on the elliptical after my nutrition thing. I was really proud of myself again today (wow, this back patting thing is fun!) when I saw the bus 100 metres down the road and I ran for it. I ran the whole way, made it to the bus and was only *slightly* puffed. Six months ago I would have shrugged and caught the next bus. Yay me.

And I booked my hike for Sunday. It’s an all-day hike to Spencers Gorge & Webster Falls – we leave at 10am and get home at 5pm. I would have liked to have had a friend with me but since everyone else was either busy or not interested, I sucked it up and booked 1 spot for myself. I’m really quite excited for it. Hopefully the weather holds out!


4 thoughts on “Looking on the bright side of life

  1. The humidity has really been paying havoc with my asthma too, and my inhalor is empty. It worries me a little, I’m hoping when my aircon get’s fixed tomorrow it won’t feel like such a fight.

    I’m glad it’s not just me but sorry you’re suffering too. I wish I had AC but at least I have it at work. Hopefully your’s gets sorted out and you’re breathing easier soon.

  2. man the Pizza Gods were conspiring against you and you still won!


    That’s not the half of it – the department is taking us out for lunch today … to Boston PIZZA!! This will be a true challenge!

  3. haha, i said YES to pizza today, but only once. There are still a few more hours in the day, though.

    it was thin crust with light cheese and veggies- pizza doesnt have to be bad….


    I LOVE pizza like that but alas, these pizzas were all thick crust and loaded with cheese. There weren’t too many healthy options (which made it easier to say “no thanks!”

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