Attitude is everything

What a difference a weekend makes. And some cortisone tablets which surprise surprise, allow me to breathe. *sigh* Asthma sucks. My nebuliser is giving up the ghost, which is understandable considering that it is 10 years old, so I’ve found a place online that sells a similar travel size one and will call up and order on Monday. I can’t do the online order because they’re based in the States and for shipping costs etc, I’ll need to call up anyway. But it’s doable.

And that’s the change in attitude today. It’s all doable. I’m putting in an application to move into an apartment in my building which would be great. It’s small but it’s only me, so I’m not fussed. It’s got a huge ass balconey and it’s bright and cheery so I’ll be happy going home to it which is all that matters. AND I’ll save $$$ on moving – no trucks required! Book the elevator for the day and shift upstairs. Brilliant.

I tried a few items of clothing on tonight and they’re ALL either too big or fitting perfectly after not fitting so well for a while. There are 3 pairs of pants that have to go – one that is so big it looks ridiculous. A few skirts are suddenly so much longer on me (my hips and thighs must have been taking a lot more material to cover before!) so I look amish. Not that there’s anything wrong with that :P. My pencil skirt is too big and is being given away for a new one as purchased yesterday. Pencil skirts by definition should be fitted and show shape – mine was shapeless. Not attractive. I’m finally beginning to appreciate the changes in my body – it’s taken a while to actually see them.

I’m psyched for my hike tomorrow – it’s meant to be stinking hot but I have short, a t-shirt, a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and PLENTY of bug spray. My camera is charged, I’ll take plenty of water and lunch and I’m set. A full day of fun exercise! Woo hoo!

I’ll post updates tomorrow and hopefully some photos as well. Have a great Sunday all!


One thought on “Attitude is everything

  1. hope the hike was fanTABulous and only gave you more time to focus and realize that it IS all totally doable.

    I love that you’re seeing your shape emerge….that you can finally *see* it with your eyes/mind.

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