HYC Check in – week 3

I weighed in this morning and have decided that my scales are loopy. There is absolutely no way that I lost 4lbs this week. No way. I did weigh in at the same weight on Saturday but it fluctuated up a little yesterday and now it’s back down 4lbs. I’m trying not to set myself up for failure here, hence the decision to ignore that number. Weird, I know. Another reason I’m ignoring these numbers is that I haven’t seen numbers like this for about 5 years and that was only due to the Backpacker’s Diet – you know, one meal a day, Oreos, Sprite and some alcohol to round it out plus a whole bucketload of walking. I definitely have not been following that diet, so until I see this hold steady on the scale, I’m ignoring it.

My NSVs this week:

Hiking 12km on Sunday and NOT dying on the way back, walking at a cracking pace up a hill with an incline of 45 degrees or so. I was not the last one up the hill by any means and I attribute my huffing and puffing to my asthma, not my fitness level. Three years ago, I went for a hike with a very competitive friend and I swore at her the whole way we were hiking. I hated it. I had wanted to do the short hike and she pushed me into the longer one and I hated her for it. So this was a test for me. How would I go? Would I embarrass myself hugely – being the skinny fat chick with no fitness level? Or would I be okay?

I was fine. I was not the fitest person there by any means but I was not the skinny-fat chick either. And I had nobody to swear at, considering it was all my idea to go on the hike and then to choose to stick with the difficult section. I was mighty mighty proud.

The other NSV I have to report is that out of four pairs of black, work pants I brought with me from Australia 9 months ago? 1 still fits me (kinda). The rest are all waaaayy too big! Most of these pants were on the tight side when I moved over and now they’re being donated to Goodwill. Seeing my body changing has always been tough for me so this is a visual clue. I still reach for the larger sizes when I go shopping (in fact, I bought a pair of short on the weekend that I’ve since worn and am now thinking they may be too big, but alas, I’ve worn them so no returning) but I’m getting there.

I am still majorly stressed (spent the afternoon at work yesterday tearing up for no reason other than stress. I haven’t heard any news from my parents about my dad but I MAY have found an apartment. Think happy thoughts for me today and tomorrow – I’m putting the application in this morning, the superintendent likes me and I like the place. It’s close to the bus to work, it’s close to the gym. I’m really hoping I can cross this off my stressor-list.

Hope everyone else is having a great week!


4 thoughts on “HYC Check in – week 3

  1. Wonderful about the hike, I had to laugh at the cussing your friend out part though. Been there for sure!! Only it was my first spin class, and it was my friend the instructor. Ha ha!!

    Awesome on the pants!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!

    I could never go to a class where the instructor was a friend. I’d end up hating them WAY too much. As it is, there are certain friends I do NOT exercise with b/c of their competitiveness!

  2. Congrats on the loss of weight (hope it sticks) and pants! Fingers crossed for you on the apartment. Hope all is well with your dad.

  3. A loss is a loss. I had a loss due to dehydration. I was sick a few days. It didn’t sick for a couple of week later, but it’s still a loss and if you keep working out and eating healthy, it will stick.
    I just don’t want to get my hopes up, considering it’s a big drop. It seems to be sticking so far, but let’s see next week and THEN I’ll rejoice or not!

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