Some news

I got a phone call from my father earlier this evening and while the news isn’t great, it’s the best of the worst, if that makes any sense.

Basically, there are cancerous cells BUT it’s very early days and they’re confident they can catch it all now. He’s going to book in for some routine scans and then sit down again with the doctor in a couple of weeks and talk about radiation. There are two other options – do nothing for the moment and monitor it (doctor is against that) or radical surgery (father is against that) so radiation is the way forward.

Ten years ago, it would never have been caught at this stage, so that’s good news. It’s not really too bad and it’s not affecting him at all, so I’m glad they’ve caught it and it’s being treated.

Radiation sounds freaking frightening from the other side of the world and I do feel a little disconnected from the family now, but at least I know what’s going on and truly, if things were dire, I’d fly home in a minute, screw the job, screw my life here. But it’s not dire and it’s being monitored and whatnot. The folks sound calm and okay with it (and I can usually tell when my mother is pretending to be calm) so I’m calming down a little.

It’s not the news I wanted to hear but if there have to be cancerous cells, this the news to get.

I’m going to chill out now after a 12 hour work-day and this news. Just thought I’d check in with an update.


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