An open letter …

… to the women at my gym.

Woman on the stairmaster

Holding onto the arms of the stairmaster to prop up your body while you take minuscule steps on the stairmaster will not tone your glutes, hips or thighs. Nor will it really give you a cardio workout. Your biceps looks awesome but there are machines for that. Use them. Leave the stairmaster for those who actually want to reap its benefits.

Woman on the elliptical

Get off your frigging cell phone for 5 minutes please. Honestly, I accept it when people chat at the gym but I don’t need a one-sided cell phone conversation where you yell at some poor subordinate while striding away on the elliptical next to me. Turning up my iPod can only drown out some of your ranting before I blow out my eardrums and go postal on you. If you really don’t have a moment to disconnect from the world, stay at work.

Women on the bikes this afternoon

It’s not that bright inSIDE the gym – no need for sunglasses lady. Now before you think I’m all judgemental – I’ve seen this woman before. She is neither blind nor injured. These were definitely fashion sunglasses and not those glasses that go all dark in the sun. This was a fashion thing. And in my HUMBLE opinion, stupid.

And to the other woman who was obviously quite engrossed in her music, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I wasn’t. I wasn’t enjoying the loud bass pumping from your iPod much, but I was even less thrilled with your enthusiastic singing and semi-dance moves. Can you perhaps tone it down and use your inside voice and mannerisms while at the gym?




One thought on “An open letter …

  1. Ah, the joys of “mingling”.

    I view gyms like I view driving. It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t all those other people in the way!!

    I know! How annoying are those OTHER people?! (Although I’m sure I qualify as OTHER people to someone else and I duly apologise in advance! LOL

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