I love summer, don’t get me wrong but …

… last night was brutal and today doesn’t feel much better. It’s so muggy and hot that clothes seem like an afront to the body. Covering up any skin makes me shudder but I can’t stay in the apartment without AC and I can’t leave the apartment without clothes. Damn this catch-22.

I barely slept last night – tossing and turning for hours. Eventually, I got up at 3:15, surfed the net for a bit, had some water and then went back to bed around 4am, for another 4 hours of fitful sleep. I want to steal someone’s AC unit. Or befriend them. Either way, it would just be for selfish, AC-related purposes. Is it wrong to casually approach people on the street asking for money for an AC-fund? *sigh*

They’re promising thunder-storms today and I’m really hoping they’re right. They’ve been promising this for 2 days now and I feel like storming the weather network and begging them to be right this time. Too bad they’re too far away for me to get there. I usually deplore rain on a weekend but this weekend, bring it on please!

But, since I’m awake, today is going to be a productive day, even if it takes it all out of me. I have laundry going, I will get to the pharmacy, I will get some pants shortened and I will get to the gym. Then, as a reward, I WILL go to a movie – any movie – to sit back and sigh in AC bliss.


One thought on “I love summer, don’t get me wrong but …

  1. *laughs* If you have any way to access music, see if you can find a song by Christine Lavin. I think it’s just called “Air Conditioner”. It’s extremely apropo.

    *grins* And check out Amoeba Hop while you’re at it, especially if you are in any way a biology fan.

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