Things I love today

  1. Rain. It’s raining at last!!! The humidity has broken, I slept a bit better last night and it’s raining! I do feel sorry for anyone getting married outside today considering that it’s pouring down right now, but perhaps it will stop later and the afternoon will be okay? I love rain.
  2. My new brown shoes which cost me $10. Yes, you read that right – $10. They were originally $50, reduced to $20 and then 50% off. Who can resist that, really? Nobody. That’s why N and I both bought the same pair on Friday night. They may kill my feet at some point considering they’re not leather, but they were $10 people.
  3. My new apartment!!! I got it! I move in Sept 1 (although I’m hoping I’ll be able to move in over that weekend and not only from the Monday, just to clean it up a bit) and it’s perfect. It’s a little more than I wanted to spend on rent, but it’s so convenient and lovely that I couldn’t walk away. I know I’ve picked an expensive neighbourhood to stay in but I love it – walking distance to everything except work (and even then it’s even closer to my bus stop) and so vibrant. So I’ll keep up with the no-eating-out rule for a bit longer (say, forever + 1 day) and look out for more $10 shoes than $100 shoes, but I’ll make it happen. It’s my own place and I’m stoked about it.
  4. The fact that I’ve lost 5 inches from my hips in the past 9 months. I can now wear a whole lot of different styles of clothes – things that I would normally have to shake my head and walk away from. Pencil skirts are my friend. I’m not yet at the skinny jean stage and nor do I ever intend to be (c’mon, my hips aren’t entirely going to vanish!) but I’m excited about the possibilities now.
  5. Making new friends. I went out to a movie with R, the girl I met on the hike last weekend. It was a blast. We saw Hancock and I loved it! It was such a good summer blockbuster and who doesn’t love Will Smith? But the best past was going with a new friend. I love making new friends. It takes a bit more of an effort but it’s so worth it. Go on, make a new friend this summer. Trust me, it’s definitely worth the effort!

Now I’m off to sort through some old magazines, cull the good stuff, chuck the worthless junk and then go out for brunch with my soon-to-be-ex-roommate. I may even walk in the rain. Life is good.


One thought on “Things I love today

  1. Awesome! Grats on the movies, friends, new clothes, cheap shoes, new apartment, and humidity breakage.

    I love the rain, too. Sometimes we get too much, and I worry for my potted plants, but mostly I just love it. ❤

    After the week I had last week, I’m glad things have ‘broken’ – in good ways!

    I normally bitch and moan about rain on the weekend but not this time. The world is green outside, the air is cool and I don’t care that my jeans’ hems are soaked. It’s bliss.

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