This meal better be worth it

I am injured due to cooking. My knuckle is bleeding. I hate the can of beans that did it to me. Thank god for band-aids.

Okay, it was my stupidity. I should know by now to remove the sharp edges of the opened can as soon as possible. Instead. I left it on the can, went to empty the beans out and proceeded to open up my knuckle. There was a lot of blood. It’s a big cut. Not emergency room worthy but gross out and more than a paper cut worthy. It’s been a long time since I’ve cut myself like this. I’m all polysporined and band-aided up (as per the new Perfect Fit Band-Aid ads) and it’s only throbbing slightly. I’m kinda glad nobody saw my hysterics really.

I will have to remove the band-aid at some point to look at the damage and clean it again. I may have another case of hysterics then. I really don’t like blood. Even on TV. So MY own blood? Not a fan.

BTW, I’m makig fish tacos. I’ll let you know whether they were worth the blood, sweat and tears.


2 thoughts on “This meal better be worth it

  1. Mmmmm!!! I love fish tacos!!! I can’t do a thing in the kitchen without leaving a piece of myself behind! Last weekend I burned the crap of myself…twice…making these veggie chicken fingers in the toaster oven. They were yummy, though!

    What do you put in your fish tacos? This was my first attempt and I left out a few things due to the frustration of my injury (and laziness really). They were good but not mind-blowing.

    I’m awful with burning myself – I used to laugh at my mother’s burns from cooking and never know how she did it. Now I definitely know!

  2. oh man, thats nothing. I opened a can of soup, but didnt take the lid off the whole way and in an act of pure stupidity i grab the sharp edges in an attempt to rip it off. Instead i sliced both my thumb and index finger down to the bone.

    no soup after that.

    Holy capes, Batman! Who knew skin could be broken by sharp edges? Not you or me it seems!

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