HYC check in – week 4

So no movement on the scales this week, which is a good thing really. I’ve held onto my insane 4lb loss from last week, which makes it real and acknowledgeable! I am officially down to a weight I haven’t been for 5 years, at least according to my scales. I don’t think I’m going to lose anymore at this stage. My body has only ever been lower than this from anxiety (unable to eat for 3 weeks – no fun) or illness and I don’t want to resort to either thanks. I still want to gain muscle and drop fat, but it’s happening and I’m healthy so that’s all good.

I had my measurements done on Friday and, since I started this journey, I’ve lost about 4 inches from my hips. That’s huge. It changes my body shape in a big way. I’m no longer hippy-McHipster. I’m still all hour-glass-like but less so. It makes it THAT much easier to go shopping. Yay to that. The hips have always been my ‘area’ – the one part of my body that I love to hate. For the first time ever really, I’m not looking at myself in the mirror and focusing on one body part immediately.

Cooking-wise, I’ve been trying new things. I got a little tired of chicken, so I’ve had fish tacos and pasta salad this week so far. I’m slowly but surely increasing my repetoire and saving money considering I’m no longer buying lunch at work everyday.

Goal for this week:

  1. Get to the gym 4 times
  2. Keep up the 2-3 litres of water everyday
  3. Try 1 new recipe with a completely new ingredient (AKA something I’ve never cooked with before!)
  4. Get all my dresses altered so that I can wear them and enjoy them before the end of summer!

Have a great week all!


6 thoughts on “HYC check in – week 4

  1. Woot, awesome!

    Have you ever cooked with cabbage?

    And I really wish I’d done measurements at the start of all this. I think I’ve dropped a little all over, but I am very much in the same boat as you – I’d like to lose the shelf currently provided by my butt.

    I can only say I have “child-bearing” hips so often before it starts to sound sarcastic. *grins*

  2. Awesome on being where you are on the scales and the measurements. Feels good doesn’t it? You’re so smart to get your clothes altered, nice way to save some money.
    It feels awesome. For so long, I told everyone that I was fine where I was and now I look back and shudder. I WAS fine, but I’m better than fine now.
    And I have too many nice things that no longer fit – altering is the only way!

  3. Way to go on achieving the 5 year low weight and losing some hip! Keep up the great work.

    I’m with you on your goals of hitting the gym 4 times this week and trying a new ingredient. I’m usually a boring cook and make what I’m familiar with. But, I’m working on branching out a bit.
    Until earlier this year, I was a very lazy cook (frozen meals were my friend!) and now I’m really trying to branch out and finding it’s actually not as difficult as I found it at school!

  4. I am the world’s laziest cook! Then again, I would have to cook in the first place to even be considered…

    I love my crock pot though and my wok. Can’t wait to pull them out of storage when the house is ready.

    4″ around the hips…NICE!!! keep up the great work!
    My next big purchase is going to be a crock pot – I’m dying to come home to a nice hot dinner!

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