Allergic? I don’t think so!

Quote from Anne Hathaway from the July 2008 Self magazine:

“I have a lot of food sensitivities. I know that sounds like code for “I’m anorexic,” but I’m lactose intolerant; I have a small, but not serious, sugar intolerance; I can’t have spicy foods; I can’t eat fried foods. Oh, and processed flour. It sounds like a death sentence, but you learn to love different foods.”

No Anne, it doesn’t sound like a death sentence. It sounds like a diet. You know, those things Hollywood stars go on and then pretend they can eat burgers and fries and stay miraculously skinny? Yeah, a diet. I have a small, but not serious sugar intolerance too. I love it but my body loves it more. My reaction? I gain weight. Wow, must be an intolerance.

I’m sorry for the snark. But this shits me. I know there are people out there with real intolerances and allergies – I know my mother is sensitive to fructose, wheat and lactose (so she reacts to fruit, breads/pasta and milk) but c’mon, fried food? Sugar? Processed flour? How strange that all these things are forbidden on a diet.

When did weight gain become a symptom of a food intolerance?

Am I being too judgemental here? Please chime in if you think so or if you know someone with these strange intolerances. And they’re real intolerances. And then perhaps I’ll apologise to Ms Hathaway.


7 thoughts on “Allergic? I don’t think so!

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  2. it has all become a WHO CAN REALLY EVER SAY CYNICAL THING for me anyway as I, too, think as you do.

    my nephew? allergic to peanuts and could die.

    anne? methinks not so muc.

  3. I think everyone has an intolerance to processed (albeit yummy) crap, but most eat it anyway! I know I do! Meat makes me sluggish and bloated. Dairy bloats me to high hell. Sugar makes me high and then sleepy from 4pm until a week later. Sure, I know all this, but its still a battle to eat the veggies and whole grains that make me feel like a clear headed juggernaut of energy and productivity! When confronted with a potato skins or ice cream, its a good bet I’ll cave and make a promise to “do better tomorrow.”

  4. Since I’ve been eating better, my tummy isn’t so happy when I give it unhealthy fatty fried foods. However, give me a day or two and it’ll handled them just as before – tolerate it and make me fat.

  5. not being judgemental – I agree. It sounds like a massive diet. I was just looking at some pics of her in a gossip rag and she HAS lost weight. Not eating fried foods/sugar/fat/dairy will do that to you.

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