Hump day hysterics

Typically, Wednesday is a good day. It’s the middle of the week. By lunchtime, you are exactly half-way through the work week and it’s appropriate to start planning your weekend. So why am I feeling so grumpy?

I’ve had a double chocolate chip muffin already this morning. It called out to me at 7:30 when I got to work. I ate it. I feel ill now. I kinda enjoyed it but didn’t, if that makes any sense.

I’m tired from getting up at 5:30am for a week now. I’ve been trying to get to work early to plow through the work so I can leave on time, but I think the early mornings aren’t agreeing with me.

I’m craving a holiday.

Really, I’m procrastinating and getting annoyed at things randomly. Like my roommate who is ridiculously impatient and wants me to move out the minute I can, forgetting that Sept 1 is a holiday, movers will charge double and one extra day with me in the apartment will not kill her. She nags me to convince my new super to let me move in early. She doesn’t seem to realise that asking me once is fine, asking me via email 3 times a day and then leaving a note on my laptop so I see it first thing in the morning? Not okay. Makes-me-slap-happy-not-okay. I get that you’re a planner and you can’t wait for your boyf to move in but give me a moment to breathe woman!

Today is dragging so slowly. I’ve had this post open all morning and I could have sworn it was lunch time already. Alas, it’s only 11am.


5 thoughts on “Hump day hysterics

  1. Ugh. Sounds like you’ll be feeling MUCH better once you get into your own apartment. Definite congrats on getting that set up.

    Do you think the muffin was emotional eating? (Muffins call out to me on a regular basis, regardless of emotion, so I can’t judge. *grins*)
    I have no doubt the muffin was *emotional eating* – more like “screw-this-I’m-eating-a-muffin* eating. *sigh*

  2. Wow, your roomate is not being considerate. You paid to be there also. What’s the bid deal for 1 extra day…?? Tell her if she wants to pay the extra in moving expenses and rent, you’ll move…plus a 10% inconvenience fee!

    I have SwissMiss hot chocolate – sugar free, only 1 point – and I feel ill now 😦

  3. “I’ve had a double chocolate chip muffin already this morning”

    You’ve got my mouth watering. 😉

    It was goooood let me tell you! But now I’m working hard to work it off so I don’t know how many more I’ll have!

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