HYC Check in – week 5

No change in the vital statistics this wee – another week of holding steady, which is good considering I stumbled off the wagon a little bit this week. I rebelled. My rebelling included much chocolate and a small bag of chips yesterday. Ooooh … aren’t I the rebel?

My rebellious nature is dead when chocolate is the height of it.


In training yesterday, I got on the leg press. I started with 75lbs for the first set. Moved up to 95lbs for the second set. Moved up to 115lbs for the third set. Moved up to 135lbs for the fourth set. I probably could have gone higher (but don’t tell my trainer!) but OMG that was the MOST weight I’ve ever pressed. I’m right proud! I’m a small person so pressing 135lbs is pretty major for me.

On the goal front last week, I’m at about 50% – kept up the water drinking, went to the gym 4 times but didn’t try a new recipe with a new ingredient or get my dresses altered. So, for this week:

  1. Get to the gym 4 times
  2. Keep up the water drinking at 2-3 litres
  3. Get the dresses altered
  4. Try a new recipe with a new ingredient
  5. Cut out dairy for 2 weeks

That last goal is one my trainer has set me. He thinks I’m eating too much dairy and it’s affecting me health-wise and energy-wise. So I’ve made a deal with him – I’ll (try) cut it out for 2 weeks and see how I feel. So far I’m 2 hours in and I’m not impressed. Oatmeal with protein powder for breakfast sucks. But we’ll see. I’m going to have to log my food for this week at least, just to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

Hope everyone has a great week!


8 thoughts on “HYC Check in – week 5

  1. Awesome on the leg press!! High five!

    Good luck on meeting all your goals this week! The chocolate monster gets the best of me sometimes too, lol. Have a fantastic week! πŸ™‚

  2. What does he mean by “dairy” – yogurt, milk, cheese…that sort of thing?

    Yep – milk, cheese, yogurt, the works. I don’t eat a lot of it but I do eat it and knowing that my mother is lactose intolerant, he thinks it may be something to think about. Now that I can’t have it, I want it more though!

  3. *laughs* Oh, that’s awful! The lactose intolerant makes sense though – wouldn’t hurt to cut it out for two weeks and see how you feel when you start reintroducing it.

    I don’t eat a lot of dairy at the moment (some shredded cheese on omelets and a bit of sliced cheese for a snack), but I think I’d do the same thing. Once I told myself I couldn’t have it, I’d go bananas.

    And I definitely couldn’t eat no-dairy oatmeal. Blech. Double Blech.

  4. Bleh. I wouldn’t want to go without dairy at all, much less for two weeks.

    Lucky me, I’m on WW, and we’re supposed to get at least 2 dairy servings in every day.

    Try your oatmeal with sugar-free maple flavored syrup!

  5. Way to go on your NSV! I’m starting a food diary too. I know I can cut some things out of my diet. Good luck with the dairy!

  6. it goes without saying that Im loving all the weights youre pushinghoisting.

    I also love almond milk (waves at karen) but only the flavored (sad I know :)).

    and FOR SURE on the dress altering.



  7. I recently read an article where three women only made one change, no eating dairy and all lost weight by doing this. I do not eat dairy. Years ago I heard Mary Lou Henner talking about her weight loss. She said,”When I stopped eating dairy, I lost that bovine look!” True that!

    Good luck!

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