Dairy challenge day 2

So day 1 wasn’t ENTIRELY dairy free – it was the July birthday celebration at work and they had chocolate cake. Chocolate + cake = BEST and ENTIRELY UNAVOIDABLE. So I had a small piece.

And thought about dairy all day.

Today has been a bit easier. I added a little honey to my oatmeal this morning and you know what? It’s bearable. I can do that. So oatmeal + chocolate protein powder + honey = yummy breakfast. That challenge it over. It fills me up and the chocolate protein powder is actually pretty good. Makes it like chocolate porridge.

Lunch was a tuna pasta salad (whole-wheat pasta, tuna, mixed beans, red pepper, cucumber and corn) and then a small green salad with extra chickpeas. No dairy in that either. This is doable.

But I never realised how much dairy I actually eat – it’s apparently my go-to food for snacking in so many instances. Yogurt, cottage cheese, Babybell light cheese, milk, chocolate milk, cereal (with milk). A lot of my recipes call for cheese or milk or something else dairy. Or maybe I’m just noticing it more now that I’m on this no-dairy thing?

To take my mind off it all yesterday, I drank 3 litres of water and had 4 cups of tea – 3 green and 1 peppermint. I may end up running to the bathroom so much on this challenge! LOL


3 thoughts on “Dairy challenge day 2

  1. Oh hey! Could I have that recipe for oatmeal? (I know you’ve laid out the bare bones, but I don’t know where to get protein powder, what kind of oatmeal you use, and if you add water (I’m assuming so)).

    Because…now you’ve got me wanting oatmeal/honey/chocolate. =P

  2. you have a JULY celebration?!

    (and Ive never done the honey. I do the choc powder and some PB2. gonna have to try the honey. thx)

    We have a birthday celebration every month – there are so many people in our division that we celebrate once a month instead of every birthday. BUT my department itself does an individual birthday celebration, which is fun too.

    I’m loving the honey – give it a go and let me know what you think!

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