HYC Check in – week 6

I’m boycotting the scales this week, partly out of choice and partly out of laziness. Being on vacation means that my usual routine of showering and then weighing is out of whack and I’m not weighing in now, after a few meals and with clothes. That is just setting myself up for disappointment. That, and it’s TOM so yeah. No weight update.

The dairy challenge has been interesting. I have to admit that it’s harder than I thought it would be. I didn’t realise how much dairy I actually ate. I knew about the cheeses and the milk in cereal, but I didn’t take into account the little bit of light sour cream I use with my fish tacos. Or the milk powder in my 90 calorie snacks. So while I can’t say I’ve cut it out entirely, I’ve cut down on it and we’ll see. I don’t see a huge difference, except I’m definitely not as gassy and bloated. I bought a small So nice chocolate soymilk drink today and I think I can handle it as a chocolate milk replacement. My next challenge is to try almond milk, which has had rave reviews in my comments!

The dresses have not been altered as yet, but I am going to take them to get altered today. I’ve been enjoying my vacation plus yesterday was a civic holiday here so nothing was open. Yeah, yeah, excuses. I know.

The water drinking is going well. A little too well I think. I got really dizzy in training yesterday so I think my sodium levels are down again. I got a G2 Gatorade on the way home from training to replenish my sodium and I think it helped. I need to really keep an eye on that. It’s difficult sometimes because everything you see is about the evils of sodium and how you should use low-sodium this and low-sodium that and drink more water, but I’m realising that I need to add salt to things a bit more than not. I’m keeping an eye on this and hoping that drinking some Gatorade occassionally and adding some sea salt to dishes will help.

I failed on the recipe front too BUT I am making brown rice pasta today – does that count? My trainer raved about it and it’s gluten-free etc (low-sodium too LOL) and low calorie (only 200 calories/cup) so I’m trying it out either for a late lunch or for dinner. I’ll let you know how that goes.

On the exercise front, I took it easy over the weekend. My asthma/bronchiectisus has not been great and I’m on a broad spectrum antibiotic because I think I have a low-grade infection. Not fun. But I did buy a skipping rope and OMG it’s amazing. Who woulda thunk that a simple rope with handles would be a full-body workout? I used it for a bit on Sunday and my whole body hurt. But I am majorly uncoordinated. I realise this now. I could so film myself, upload it to youtube and be famous. LOL

So things are going okay. Not great on the health front, okay on the exercise front, great on the getting-relief-from-stress front. All in all, not a terrible week.


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