You’re eating WHAT?!

Aiming for perfection sets us up for failure. That’s a blanket statement and a half, I know. I also know they say you should aim for the stars and all that. And yes, I’m all for setting long term goals like that but perfection? That’s never going to happen. We’re human.

I’ve never been a fan of diets and nutritionists etc. and yet here I am, seeing a nutritionist. Huh? When I signed up for more personal training sessions, I got 2 free nutrition appointments and I thought Why not? I hadn’t lost as much of the fat as I would have liked so this could help.

In the 2 months since I started seeing Mr Nutritionist I’ve lost 8 lbs. That’s awesome for me, considering my body holds onto fat like we’re living in a depression. The fact that I have PCOS doesn’t help but I’m not making excuses really. I may not have been eating terribly, but I was eating a muffin everyday and justifying chips and snacks and not planning at all. I would get to work and be reliant on whatever the cafeteria was serving as my meal. And we all know how good cafeteria food is for weight loss!

So in the past 2 months, what’s changed? I plan my meals (most of the time) and cook enough for leftovers for lunch. I pack a lunch bag with snacks for the day so I’m not tempted by the vending machine (most of the time). I drink 2-3 litres of water a day. I drink green tea instead of coffee or normal tea so I don’t use sugar or sweeteners. I’ve switched to brown rice and whole wheat or brown rice pasta. I eat protein at every meal.

In short, I’ve overhauled my entire diet and I’m pretty proud of myself. No, I’m not perfect (I’m still working on the cutting down on chocolate thing) but I never set out to be.

Mr Nutritionist doesn’t seem to realise that.

I had an appointment with him on Tuesday where I proudly told him how things were going. I told him that instead of eating sugar loaded cereal with milk for breakfast, I was having oatmeal with protein powder. His response: What kind of oats? Quick oats are bad. You should be eating steel cut oats. Now, I know that but I’m looking at the babysteps here. I still need something that’s not going to take a lot of time to prepare, otherwise I’m going to end up skipping it. But some of my elation was dampened.

Then I told him how I had switched to brown rice pasta instead of regular pasta – it’s about 200 calories per serving instead of 375+. He asked how big my servings were. I told him that I was having maybe 3/4 of a cup or a cup in total. 200 calories, lower in carbs and gluten and sugar etc free. His response: your serving should be 1/2 cup at most. Unless you’re training. Not more. You’re eating too much.

I’m eating too much?! Dude, I lost 4 lbs since you saw me last. I’m at my lowest weight in over 5 years. Obviously I’m doing something right here so fug off.

I felt really low about it all until Wednesday, when I told my trainer. His response: 1 cup of pasta is fine. Regular oatmeal is fine – obviously steel cut would be better but let’s be realistic. You’re doing great. Maybe add a little more protein to the pasta but otherwise it seems to be working!

And I realised that yes, it seems to be working. So screw you Mr Nutritionist and screw your perfection. I’m not a robot. I’m a person with cravings and that’s never going to change. I can’t beat myself up over oats or pasta. So I’m not going to.


6 thoughts on “You’re eating WHAT?!

  1. As a side note, I picked up some Steel Cut Oats (I hear you can let it cook overnight, and save leftovers for quick reheating). I’ll let you know how good they are. =]

    Also, nom on the pasta! What kind of sauce do you use?

    Please do let me know – if they’re yummy, I may investigate.

    The pasta is usually made with a chilli tomato sauce (from whole foods if possible) with some frozen italian mix veggies thrown in and some tuna. At least, that was on the menu this week. I’v been slightly lazy this week I’ll admit, hence the pre-made sauce and frozen veggies. But it was definitely yummy!

  2. Yeah, I’d say that as difficult as they are to find, they’re only worth it if you’re hardcore or they’re awesome.

    Either way, I got a nifty tin container out of the deal. =P

    Oh, Chilli tomato sauce sounds great! Just a bit of bite to it. And frozen veggies aren’t lazy! They’re supposedly the next best thing to fresh. Canned veggies is lazy, IMO. =]

  3. amen!! this post is totally what I had in mind (well not this specifically cuz it wasnt written yet :)) when I did my facetime last monday on consistency.


  4. Good God, if he told me “Quick oats are bad. You should be eating steel cut oats” after I had just switched from cereal, I’d have slapped him. We can’t all be Whole Foods perfect all the time. Besides, I eat quick oats all the time. They’re not “bad.” In fact, they’re fantastic for you. Are stell cut “better” ? I guess. But it’s better to work out 45 minutes versus 43, but no one would ever say “43 minutes of cardio is bad.” Unless they wanted to get slapped, I mean.

    I had to resist the slapping instinct ESPECIALLY after the whole “you’re eating too much” crap – hell, I’m eating so much I’m losing weight doofus!

  5. Wow, I bet you that a nutritionist that works in a hospital and one that works at an exercise facility probably drastically differ on their opinions. I’m with you, kick the nutritionist to the curb!

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