HYC Check-in week 8

Other than the whole having-trouble-breathing-again saga, I’m doing okay. I’m up 1lb but that’s all good, considering last week’s weight was a tad troubling really. It harked back to a weight I haven’t actually seen in about 10 years, so this week is a little more normal.

The only trouble is that, well, my stomach is not a happy camper. Let’s just say it’s holding onto things a lot longer than normal! I’m adding Benefibre and foods with fibre to my diet but it hasn’t really been helping yet. I may have to stop by the pharmacy on the way home for something a little stronger. This is not something I’ve had to deal with in a long, long time and I’m not enjoying it.

Otherwise things are good. I think I’m getting stronger and leaner but that could fade since I just overindulged in half a tuna wrap and small muffin. When I say “just indulged” I mean now, 2 hours after lunch and after a banana as my snack. Was I hungry? Not really. But I’m justifying it by saying I’ll work out tonight EXTRA hard. Hold me to it please!

Measurements to follow tomorrow from my trainer and I’m mighty curious really. I know I’ve slimmed down and my clothes fit better and looser and smaller but still, it’s always nice to get the numbers.

Since this post has taken me all day to write between actual working, I think I’ll post now and catch up on work stuff, since my boss might prefer that!

Have a great week all. 🙂


3 thoughts on “HYC Check-in week 8

  1. Fiber is super-good. I drink some in my orange juice every morning.

    I also have a recipe for pear bran muffins that is incredible, very good for you, and quite..er…fiberlicious.

    Also, prune juice tastes like raisins.

    And if you can find it, pear juice is supposedly also VERY good for that. I eat pearsauce (a local version of applesauce) as well.

    Good luck! My husband has IBS, and I know exactly how much that can affect someone.

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been adding fibre into my water for the last few mornings and trying to eat more and more veggies (I eat a lot to start with!) but I’ll look into the pear thing for sure.

  2. I should have done measurements when I started my journey…that’s a great idea!

    It’s never too late! I’ve found that it’s been really nice to focus on those number instead of the scale a lot of the time – sometimes the scale hasn’t moved for weeks but the inches have been changing.

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