New numbers and I don’t believe them for a minute

Yes, it’s a long title.

My gym has a new body composition machine. Previously, I would weigh in on the old-fashioned scales and then sit down in front of the computer to have my body composition analysed with the hand-held wand thingie while my trainer filled out some questions which the machine would then take into account and spit out my body fat percentage.

Questions like how often I worked out, at what intensity and what my frame build was. Change any of the answers and the body fat percentage would change too – sometimes quite drastically. Not impressive and not really accurate it seems.

So the new machine – you hop on, sans shoes and socks, enter a few details – weight of your clothes (generally 1lb since they’re gym shorts and a tank!), height, age and whether you’re male or female. And then voila! Your weight, your body fat percentage and even your BMR calorie requirements.

According to this new machine, my weight is 121.6. This matches my home scale in the evenings, so I accept that and love it. The body fat percentage? 18.3%. This, I question. It’s a difference of 7% from 5 weeks ago (and that was using the hand held machine) so either I’ve leaned out LOTS or the hand held machine was REALLY off. I think both are iffy, so let’s take an average. 5 weeks ago it was 25.4%, tonight it was 18.3%. Average of that would be about 22%. Either way, I’ve definitely dropped fat and build muscle. I’m liking that. I do think that the old machine was iffier though – my % barely dropped for weeks despite losing weight and working those muscle HARD. For those months, I had to console myself with the fact that I WAS working hard and feeling good and screw the numbers.

And yet my measurements haven’t really changed a great deal. But my clothing size has. So again, I’m calling operator error in the measurements and going with the clothing size. Because technically, if my measurements were the same, I should not be hiking up my old jeans at all. And I am. So there.

I really don’t want anyone to think I’m

a. complaining
b. bragging

Because I’m not. I don’t know what I’m trying to say really. Maybe that sometimes the numbers don’t reflect the effort and sometimes they do. But either way, you need to realise that you’re working hard and numbers aren’t everything. Sometimes (like tonight), they’re good to you and other times they’re not. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time for the numbers to catch up with you.

Whether I dropped 3% or 7%, I’m still happy because the trend is DOWN on the percentage and UP on the lean muscle. And that makes me happy 🙂


4 thoughts on “New numbers and I don’t believe them for a minute

  1. um, I would brag! Regardless, whether the numbers are exactly right or off just a little bit, congrats! Your hard work is obv paying off!

    I think I’m just used to the idea of not bragging or, rather, being overly modest, so that nobody thinks I’m full of sh*t.

    But yes, I will brag. I am, however glad I made your challah AFTER the measurements because eating half a loaf probably wasn’t in my best interests!

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