Two screws loose

My IKEA desk that is. Nothing is wobbly or wonky and yet I have 2 screws left over. I wonder…

I’m finally moved into my new place and LOVING it, if not loving all the IKEA furniture stacked up against one wall, waiting to be assembled. I wonder about the minds of IKEA designers and their many methods of torturing the poor consumer.

“I know, let’s add 2 more screws to the pack and make them wonder if their desk is going to collapse any time soon!”

“Even better – let’s have some of the screw holes NOT line up so their furniture either wobbles or they go insane while trying to assemble it!”

I imagine them chuckling insanely in their workrooms, working on new strangely named designs that will increase blood pressure medication sales.

I’m slowly getting settled in my place. Boxes are getting unpacked. I’m feeling almost settled. Things are good.

Sorry for the short post – trying to get things done at work and at home is taking up time. I am here and I am reading other blogs – just being a bit quiet on my end. I’ll be back properly soon. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Two screws loose

  1. the kitchens are NOT SELF ASSEMBLY!!!

    i was huddled in the corner CRYING while the guy i hired, who’s been doing this for years, to put an ISLAND together laughed at me and took the whole day dealing with the drilling in the floor etc etc

    • Oy!

      We were watching downloaded episodes of Canada’s Worst Handyman the other day and I made Lee promise me that we’ll hire people to assemble things in the future!

  2. go with the hire. i will forever go with the hire. and i will forever have someone come over and hold my hand as i have the constant fear that any hole made in a wall or floor will bring the building down …

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