The downside to losing weight

Yes, there is one. Most definitely. And I’m learning ALL about it.

Some of you may have noticed that the weather, it’s getting colder. You know, the temperature is dropping, the snow is falling and suddenly you noticed it.

You feel the cold this year. And it’s not even nearly as cold as it’s going to get. But you’re shivering and taking a lot longer to thaw out when you get inside. You start to wonder if your coat is wearing thin or your sweaters are a little old. And then you realise.

This time last year you weighed more. You had more insulation. More fat. It looked not-so-pretty but it kept you oh-so-warm.

Yes readers, I am cold this year. My legs are turning to icicles. I’m eyeing off long puffa jackets with envy and trying to figure out how I’m going to stretch my budget to a new coat when there’s really nothing wrong with my old one. I contemplate using my duvee as a coat – dress it up with a scarf and surely nobody will figure it out!

I now understand why all the skinny cows in my office wear scarves inside. They have no body fat to keep them warm.

But I’m not prepared to put all that weight back on so I guess I’ll have to find myself a cutie to keep me warm over winter instead then!


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