I’ve been betrayed by my favourite food.

Sushi has let me down.

My stomach bug I suffered in Australia? Not a bug at all but salmonella from bad sushi.

How can I ever trust sushi again? We were so close, sushi and me. We bonded over teriyaki chicken handrolls (thanks for the salmonella!) and spicy tuna rolls. We shared edamame and seaweed salad. We explored different tastes and textures.

And then this.

One teriyaki chicken roll and two trips to emergency later, 3 doctors all telling me that it’s just a virus and I should wait for it to burn out. One very determined mother who forced the doctor to take a stool sample (sorry for the overshare) and give me an anti-biotic and voila! The lab called my folks today to tell them that this was a serious case of food poisoning and something that could shut a place down. Something that they would have to get the authorities involved in.

Thank goodness for mothers and their nagging doctors. Thank goodness (in a way) that I was flying home to Canada and was worried about being sick on the plane, which forced my hand and forced the doctor’s hand to give me drugs. It meant that, despite my concerns, I was able to fly home and feel better. I have to say that I feel slightly vindicated that I was not just whingeing about a little virus. I was seriously ill.

The upside is that I lost all the Xmas pounds I put on. Not that I would ever recommend the Diarrhoea Diet or Salmonella to anyone!

But now … I think sushi and I need counselling and mediation.


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