Belly laughs

Firstly, I need to start this post off by saying that I’m DAMN cold. I’m craving carbs and my body is hating the fact that there’s less fat to keep me warm. This weather is inhumane.

Now that’s off my chest, I’ve been reading a lot of New Year’s/January themed articles relating to, you guessed it, losing weight. It is of course the top New Year’s Resolution every year, which results in packed gyms and sold out aerobics equipment until the middle of the month or, at the latest, the end of January. Then all the resolutionites give up, get back on the couch and the rest of us normal people continue on. Some resolutionites end up becoming part of the crowd every year but most tend to crave the quick result and, when that fails to materialise after 2 sessions in their brand new lululemon workout gear, they give up.

Every paper and magazine and website seems to be filled with easy ways to lose weight – A good laugh works your abs, so get telling jokes and you’ll lose weight! Drink this tea 8 times a day to lose weight without trying! Spend 15 minutes a day strapped to a vibrating belt and you’ll lose weight and get fit! Amazing – all these things you can do without any effort and look amazing!

It’s all bollocks of course. The only way to get healthy is to BE HEALTHY. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? The January articles all seem to focus on the quick detox and quick results but in my opinion, that’s the surest way to disappointment.

I’m tempted to follow Charlotte’s lead and follow a “Lose 10 lbs” exercise and eating plan for a month and see if it actually works because, really I have my doubts.


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